Even Dry Drunks Need The Help An Alcohol Abuse Hotline Can Provide

People who have a reason to call an alcohol abuse hotline are alcohol abusive individuals and those with alcohol abusive individuals in their life. If you have stopped drinking a long time ago, you probably assume that there is no need for you to call such hotline. However, if you are a dry drunk, you [...]

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Alcohol Abuse and Pregnancy – Why Expectant Mothers Should Not Drink

Alcohol abuse is a problem for anyone, but it becomes a major concern when expectant mothers are concerned. Unlike other people who are struggling with their drinking problem, pregnant women who drink heavily do not only have themselves to worry about. Their unborn babies suffer the consequences of drinking, and this is why expectant mothers [...]

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Preparing for Alcohol Rehab

Preparing to get into an alcohol rehab program is not an easy process. During the preparation period, you will get the opportunity to explore the recovery process. It also helps to decide on the best type of treatment and generates a positive experience. When you prepare for the treatment program, you can lessen stress, and [...]

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